Melissa Hevenor
Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Destination Happiness Program

Destination Happiness Program
1) A six-week course meeting once a week online for 90 minutes.
2) 2 45-60 minute personal guidance calls will be included to help you succeed.
3) The sessions will be online and by phone
4) You will also have Melissa's personal e-mail so she can support you every step of the way and an additional personal guidance call can be arranged if needed.
Melissa Hevenor now offers A six-week course to help you find happiness living your life purpose and developing a deeper spiritual connection. Given her therapeutic background she can provide intuitive insight with the care and compassion of a counselor.  A Standard Waiver will need to be signed.  The course includes

1) Breaking Through Your Personal Blockages 2) Confidence Unleashed 3) The Money Movement- living life with purpose and making more money 4) The Five Top Secrets to Living A  Spiritual Life  5) Destination Happiness Living Your Best Possible Life Fulfilling Your Dreams

8 Sessions