Melissa Hevenor
Thursday July 09 , 2020
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Recent testimonials from some of Melissa's clients:

Lisa Williams Facebook Comment about the reading that she had with Melissa:

Lisa stated "I don't recommend many, but I certainly recommend her!!"  Dec 13, 2010

Jan from Ohio

I received a reading from Melissa about 6 months ago.  Her insight was amazing! She was able to tune into me so accurately that I sat up and took notice on every word.  Even the things she told me that did not seem to make sense, came to pass over the following months.  She is very gifted.  She helped to confirm some things that I already knew in my heart, but was on the fence about which action to take.  My life has improved dramatically since the reading.  I have grown on a spiritual level, and my career is evolving in a very satisfying way.  I am becoming the person I was meant to be.  My passion and gifts are now being used in a very fulfilling way.  I am a skeptic like most, but I’m telling you, she is the real deal.  A few dollars invested will yield an infinite amount of benefit to your life.  I routinely part with my money on more superficial things, such as dining out.  This has provided long-lasting nourishment for my soul.  If you are considering a reading from Melissa, I have two words: DO IT! 

Janet Kohn- Founder of The Broken Angels Grief Support Group

Melissa is an absolute angel on earth, she assured me during our reading that my son Brian is still close to me and my family. The information that Melissa shared was impossible for her to have known since I was the only one who was aware of these events. She is truly amazing! I left with a lighter heart knowing that my son who I miss so much is still a part of my life. 

This was my second  wonderful reading with Melissa, I had previously recommended her to many of my friends who have also been extremely impressed with Melissa's special talents.

The most important thing I want to share with anyone who reads this is that meeting Melissa will change the way you look at life, she is an inspiration. She always has a smile on her face and something positive to say. It is very obvious that she loves helping people and she loves what she does.  Her generosity is endless. If the world had more people like Melissa in it, it would be a much better place. I am a huge fan!

Tammy G

I am writing to express my gratitude for Melissa Hevenor touching my life in such a way that has forever changed my soul.  I live in East Texas and have always been interested in psychic/mediumship, past lives, meditation and connecting to my souls purpose.  Living where I do there is no one to talk to about the spiritual journey that I have been on for most of my life.  I have read books, listened to cd's and anything else I could get my hands on....

My journey with Melissa began in Dec. 2010 when I saw that Lisa Williams had posted on her face book page about Melissa " I don't recommend many, but I certainly recommend her!!!"  I have never had a reading so I thought if Lisa recommends her she much be the real deal and I was so excited for a chance to receive a reading.  I decided to do an email reading, so I emailed my questions and waited...When I received my reading she knew things about me, my children and upcoming events that have since happened.  The events that she told me about coming up involved people I didn't know so I had no control over them coming to fruition or not. She told me about abilities I have that I had no idea I could ever have.  After the email reading I decided I had to have a phone reading.  When the day came she was the sweetest person I have ever talked to.  She is compassionate, loving, nurturing and you know within the first few minutes that your life will never be the same and this is one of those moments in your life when who you were yesterday is not the person you will be tomorrow. She connected me to my mom that has been gone for 8 years with very specific details.  She told me things to do and suggested books and websites to help me with my spiritual journey and to explore the healing abilities she said I had that were heightened do to almost dying the year before.  So I took her advise and encouragement to explore this aspect of my life and see what happens.....I will never forget that day as long as I live.

After that reading I did the things she suggested and was amazed that I was able to do the things she said.  I was shocked and still am, but forever grateful that she helped me find my purpose.  I now do the coaching program with Melissa and she has helped me connect to my soul on a level I never thought possible.  Every couple of weeks I talk to her and tell her things I am doing and she is just as excited as I am.  I prayed for many years for a teacher and I feel it is by the grace of God that our paths crossed and will be eternally grateful.

During this time I also read Melissa's book "My Life With Robin".  It will make you sad, happy, mad, encouraged and be in awe of  Melissa. She is a person that if your life is blessed enough to cross her path you will forever be changed for the better.

To me Melissa was a psychic/medium, that became and still is a teacher, but I am the most grateful that I can call her my friend....Whether you want to connect to a loved one, or pursue your own spiritual path, Melissa will exceed any expectations you could ever have...She has forever changed my life on a soul level and for that I am truly grateful.

Heather T

I had the absolute blessing of having a reading with Melissa and may I say; she is an angel on this earth. Melissa is love and kindness incarnate and the messages she receives from her spirit guide Robin are unbelievable in their accuracy. Melissa is one of the most gifted psychic mediums I have ever met. After my reading I felt incredibly uplifted, hopeful, and joyful. Thank you Melissa and all of the beautiful guides and angels that helped me so much.

Aaron G

I am writing today regarding Melissa Hevenor, a gifted psychic with whom I recently had a scheduled reading. I am a father of two gifted young children. I sought Melissa's assistance both to help gain a deeper understanding of their gifts and to learn the best means of offering my children the love and support needed to help them grow spiritually.

The reading turned out to be more than I ever could have hoped for! Melissa immediately picked up on the children's energy and she was sensitive to their respective gifts. She was able to describe my daughter's sensitivity to specific colors and she gave important advice about how to keep her open as she continues to grow.

Melissa is also a very generous and kind person. Recently, she wrote a book called, "Nora And Her Aura." It is a children's book meant to help young children recognize their special gifts and accept them. She offered to send an advanced copy of her book for my children free of charge because she thought it would help them.

Further, Melissa offered me some very sound career advice and she provided me with a clear understanding of my life's purpose. I am secure in the knowledge that a major part of my role here on earth is to provide spiritual guidance to my children and I relish every moment as I guide them.

Melissa is a dedicated professional and her love for children is apparent in her work. As a result of my reading, my wife and mother are both planning to schedule readings of their own. My hope is that Melissa will one day meet my children and connect with them personally as she did the day of my phone reading.


She is truly an angel! I keep thinking about everything she said and I just have a new found love for life and people.
What an amazing gift she has and a beautiful lady!
Thank you

Laurie G
"I have received three readings now from Melissa and have recommended a few friends to her and all of us are so impressed by and grateful for her abilities. Some of the things she's told us have been absolutely life-changing. She's connected me with my beloved grandmother, provided accurate guidance (things that she told me are coming true!), and been extremely helpful in sorting out complex medical issues. She can also help you connect with your guides. She is truly the real deal and is one of the most compassionate, sweet and generous people I've ever encountered. If you want connection with loved ones, guidance for your life or information about medical problems, you cannot go wrong with Melissa. Her prices are also ridiculously low—much less than many other psychics I've talked to who don't have half her talent."